Members of the Month

  • Double Cosmos Warriors!
  • Cosmos Warrior 1: Sceada Skadrson!
  • Cosmos Warrior 2: Oliver Lafayette!
  • Thank you both for being so awesome!
  • Feel free to nominate group members for next month!
  • Monthly Event for August

  • Keep an eye out for our event for August!
  • Promos will be going around the dash soon!
  • Remember to RSVP and try to be available!
  • Avoid cliques, interact with new members
  • Use events to create new friendships and bonds
  • Help us have an awesome event!

    Pledged Prelude is an open roleplay group for the Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Bravely Default fandoms. Take part in plotted starters and group events, develop your character with us, and make everlasting friendships! Make your pledge today!

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    Pledged Prelude is an open roleplay group for the Final Fantasy fandom. Choose your alliance, take part in storylines and tournaments, and make everlasting bonds with your fellow roleplayers!

    Join us today! We would be happy to have you in our group!

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